Savaria designs, engineers and manufactures quality accessibility products that go a long way in helping people gain mobility in a wide range of environments. DAY Elevator & Lift is an authorized dealer of premium home elevators from Savaria. DAY’s inventory of Savaria home elevators comprises three models − Eclipse, Infinity and Telecab.

Different Models of Savaria

Home Elevators

Eclipse Home Elevator

Eclipse Home Elevator

The Eclipse ensures a smooth riding experience. It is compact and does not need a separate machine room. It can be easily installed and comes with:Eclipse Elevator

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Infinity Luxury Elevator

Infinity Luxury Elevator

The Infinity luxury home elevator is equipped with a precision hydraulic drive system to provide the ultimate smooth, quiet ride. Its advanced safety features include:Infinity Luxury Home Elevator

Telecab Elevator

Telecab Elevator

The Telecab is easy to install, and an economical option to improve the architectural appeal of an old or new home. This compact, two-stop elevator does not need a hoistway or an under-unit pit. Telecab ElevatorIts enclosed drive tower keeps mechanical components out of sight and safe, and its innovative design blends easily with interiors. The main features of the Telecab are:

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Proper Installation and Maintenance

DAY offers professional installation, maintenance and repair services for all kinds of home elevators. We also witness or perform Category 1 and 5 testing for residential elevators and other accessibility equipment.

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For professional assistance to choose from our range of Savaria products, call us at 800-758-5438, or send an email to Our services are available in the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

* For all home elevators purchased for medical necessity, please call us for special pricing on our home elevators used for medical necessity. We offer special rates on home elevators required for medical necessity.

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