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DAY Elevator & Lift is a well-known dealer in elevators and other home accessibility equipment. Our inventory of premium home elevators includes the Volant, a popular model from ThyssenKrupp Access. This gearless residential elevator is an ideal blend of quality workmanship and unrivaled comfort.


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Volant Home Elevator

The "gearless" motor technology used in the Volant supports its ultra smooth start and stop, and allows whisper-quiet operation. The gearless drive system does not require a machine room. All you need to set it up is a 12" pit below the floor. The gearless technology also help to slash energy usage as it avoid the need for hydraulic fluids and pump that can break down or leak.

Volant is equipped with a range of safety features to make vertical transportation within your home more comfortable. It comes complete with:

The Volant gearless home elevators come with a range of customizable options such as five car configurations, three car heights, and five car packages. It can travel up to 50 feet with service up to five stops.

Quality Installation and Maintenance

DAY’s goal is to offer quality products and services for its wide range of customers that include homeowners, architects and contractors. Our certified technicians provide quality installation as well as necessary maintenance and repair services for your Volant home elevator. We also witness or perform Category 1 and 5 testing.

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* For all home elevators purchased for medical necessity, please call us for special pricing on our home elevators used for medical necessity. We offer special rates on home elevators required for medical necessity.

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